7/9 – We are planning on running Apache Kafka so please add that to the list.

Notes from 6/26 
ew additional requirements
1.    1-2 years of recent experience building environments (DEV/QA/PROD) in AWS 
1.    The candidate should have recent experience (is doing or just completed) in AWS creating Accounts, IAM access, VPC, Subnets, Gateways, VPC Peering, Direct Connect, VPN, Hosted Zones, Route Tables, Security Groups, EKS and RDS Instances using Terraform.
2.    The candidate should have at least 2-3 years of overall AWS experience.  We should be weeding out candidates who spent the past year in Azure or GCP.  Concepts may be the same, but the challenges will be somewhat different.  Our current DevOps guy has spent the last year working in Azure and wastes a lot of time doing research because “he hasn’t recently worked in AWS”.  The churn really hurts our delivery and we need to move fast!
3.    Demonstrated ability to use Terraform in a work (not personal) environment.  We need someone with enterprise experience, not small scale or sandbox experience.
4.    Experience using Git as a source control repository for their Terraform code.  Coding should not be a weak strength.   Our existing team is stacked with developers and they will drill this candidate on development standards, naming conventions, repository structures, etc.
5.    Experience automating the creation and tear down of infrastructure.  The creation and modification of infrastructure should occur in a CI/CD pipeline process.  We use GitHub actions at the moment.
2.    2+ years of experience creating and maintaining Kubernetes environments. EB is currently using EKS on AWS.
3.    1-2 years of experience creating and maintaining a service registry.  EB is currently using WSo2.
4.    1+ years of experience integrating AWS with an SSO provider.  EB is currently using Azure Active Directory
Additional things we are will need, but we aren’t quite there yet:
•    2+ experience writing configuration as code.  EB plans to use Ansible.  We will at some point need to manage configuration changes via code to ensure our environments remain in sync.
Things to look for that will help find the ideal candidate:
•    The candidate's most recent work is on an initiative/project to build out net new infrastructure in the AWS.
•    The wrote Terraform code to build out the infrastructure in AWS.
•    The checked in their Terraform code into a Git repository and upon checking a build/deploy process occurred that automated the creation or update of their infrastructure in the Cloud.
•    Their source control repository is setup in an “inner source” way where other engineers can do pull requests to make modifications and an approval process is in place to review and automate the change.  This is to ensure a repeated process with no configuration drift occurring across environments.  
•    They should be able to talk through how they’ve provisioned and administered Kubernetes.  Created deployment templates, setup blue/green deployments, scalability, clustering, high availability, monitoring, logging, and can recommend best practices for use.
A few additions from Adam Allard and Ken Berg:
Ken Berg  10:55 AM
It looks really on point to me. The only thing I would consider adding might be implementing routing across AWS accounts utilizing a transit gateway
Adam Allard  10:56 AM
Probably should add:
•    Apache Kafka and EB will be using AWS MSK
•    Understanding essentials for a message-based, event-driven pub/sub architecture

Note from 6/25
He’s spent the last year working on Azure. We need someone with recent AWS experience. AWS is changing every day and being hands off for over a year is not what we want to see on someone’s resume.

Notes from 6/24 (Dave Franklin)

Before moving forward with the job description, please make sure you ask the applicants the following screening questions:


  1. Have you ever built/provisioned infrastructure in AWS (Greenfield) “from scratch” using Terraform?
  2. What is your experience with Transit Gateway? (we have two data centers that need to talk to each other)
  3. Have you ever set up VPN connections to AWS or any other cloud provider?
  4. Have you ever setup git repositories to allow teams to request firewall or changes?
  5. How much experience do you have with K8S (Kubernetes)?
  6. Have you ever provisioned and managed a service registry like WSo2 or API Gateway?
  7. Have you ever set up SSO within a cloud provider like AAD/Okta?


If they can’t answer the above with confidence, they will not be a fit. We need someone that can truly build Infrastructure in AWS and from scratch (Greenfield). Please note, Greenfield is not a technology, just a saying to do something from scratch. Most of the folks you will speak with will probably not have that profile. This individual will probably have architecture experience. Again, the key phrasing is to do something from scratch versus being a part of a team that did this.


Also, will be sending two other job descriptions for your review. (Data Architect and a Cloud Architect).


Bill Rate: Up to $105.00 hourly

Contract: Six months, we would like to be able to convert them after six months so this individual will need to be authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.

Start Date: ASAP, Targeting by August 1st at latest.

Location: 1507 LBJ Freeway, Suite 400, Farmers Branch, TX 75234



  • First round with manager
  • Second round with 3 to 4 team members (Each done individually)
  • Hiring decision made after second round of interviews.
  • All interviews will be conducted via MS Teams

CloudOps Engineer

Job Description:

At EmployBridge, the CloudOps Engineer is responsible for automating the creation and optimization of our environments and code deployments in the cloud. They will be responsible for the documentation of the current and future state CI/CD pipelines and automation techniques. They will work with IT operations, networking, application development, and quality assurance to create automation strategies for the development, build, deploy, and monitoring of environments and systems. This role requires excellent interpersonal communication and group presentation skills and will be used as a mentor to transition new ideas and technologies into the organization.


  • Establish, design, document, and execute fully automated CI/CD pipeline using Gihub, Github Actions, Nexus artifact repositories, and other tools
  • Co-author versioning standards to facilitate API and service management and execution in a containerized environment
  • Script Infrastructure as Code environments that are immutable and can be stood up and torn down on demand using Terraform
  • Evaluate software, services, and integrations that present value to the enterprise
  • Create logging and monitoring standards for the modern application stack
  • Implement enterprise logging, monitoring, and alerting including integrations to tools in the cloud and on-prem
  • Create automated rollback and self-healing capabilities into the platform to deal with bad nodes or deployments
  • Gain and maintain strong knowledge of all core systems and how they interact
  • Provide technical requirements for projects as needed to ensure all solutions incorporate necessary devops requirements
  • Have team first mentality by demonstrating personal commitment to the team by being cooperative, collaborative, and flexible


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or technical equivalent
  • 3+ years of experience with cloud technologies (AWS and Azure)
  • 7+ years technology experience in a networking, operations, or similar role
  • Robust experience in infrastructure, networking, and security both on-prem and in the cloud
  • Experience with Agile and DevOps
  • Expertise in cloud security and IAM systems
  • Expertise in DR solutions
  • Experience implementing software like SIEMs, APMs, WAFs, load balancers
  • Experience with elastic compute, containers (Docker), container orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Strong automation background is required


Job Skills:

  • Operational understanding of Compute, Memory, Storage (on-prem and in cloud)
  • Operational understanding of cloud provisioning, security, auto-scaling, and cost monitoring
  • Operational understanding of networking including firewalls, routers, access points, VPCs, etc.
  • Drive and document on-prem & cloud devops best practices
  • Proficient personal organization, productivity, and time management skills
  • Demonstrable confidence and enthusiasm about technology and/or innovation and/or problem solving
  • Strong communication and presentation skills