This resource would drive/lead initiatives across all functions within Portfolio Management (e.g. automate financial processes, rollout new features/functionality within Planview, etc.)


Characteristics / Skills:

  • Self-motivation and self-discipline: Must be self-motivated to complete work in a timely manner with minimal oversight
  • Organizational skills: Must be very organized about their approach to solving problems and implementing solutions
  • Analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills: Need to be able to absorb a great deal of information about Oncor’s business, analyze the data and make clear and useful recommendations
  • Listening, verbal communication, and interpersonal skills: Need to interact with many employees and contractors at various levels of the organization and must be able to do so with diplomacy and effective communication skills
  • Writing skills: Must be able to present work results in the form of reports, manuals, and other forms of documentation that require good writing skills.
  • Time Management Skills: Must actively manage time to keep within budget; work on time-sensitive efforts and have the ability to deal effectively with stress
  • Creativity: Have the flexibility and creativity to handle any situations that arise while implementing solutions, such as a solution that doesn't work as intended, or a problem that has other, unforeseen circumstances